Here's what some people had to say...

Cynthia has an amazingly friendly and positive approach. She came to my home, quickly assessed the situation, and got to work. She unpacked my things, set up my furniture, and organized my items in a manner that was highly decisive and logical. I didn’t even need to ask Cynthia where she put things; she organized them in such an intuitive manner that I can find them easily. It is such an incredible feeling to live in a place that is so well-organized. Cynthia’s rates are very reasonable, and she is a very efficient worker. She also is honest and takes much pride in what she does. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Stacey B. (Tampa, FL)

I hired Cynthia to help me organize my office / guest room when I was overwhelmed and out of time and needed to get it done within a short time frame.  She was quick to assess the problem areas and come up with good, creative solutions and actually made it fun in the process.  She worked very hard to help me and came up with ideas that blended well with the rest of my home decor.  She was professional, cheerful, and expeditious.  I would hire Cynthia again in a heartbeat! 

Angela F. (Tampa, FL)

Getting organized has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.  I spent years trying to do the self-help version of getting my condo in order; I even bought the “Organizing for Dummies” book!  Needless to say, I was near devastation when I had not gotten organized before moving from Baltimore to Florida in 2001, or before getting engaged in 2002, or before getting married in 2003, or before having our first child in 2009!

 I was near the end of my rope!  I researched some Professional Organizers in the Tampa Bay area and started calling, emailing and leaving messages for a few of them.  Cynthia was the only one who not only answered my email, but she was very specific about how she could help me and what her cost was. Warning: when an Organizer tells you they want to see where you live before they can tell you their hourly rate…RUN!

Cynthia was very professional and personable. On our first meeting she never gasped or showed any reaction to make me feel badly about my way of living, which we later dubbed my “random junk”.

I now feel no stress waking up and getting ready in the morning, which now takes me 1 hour, instead of 2! I love coming home after work to my space and actually, I no longer go for long drives to clear my head because my condo is clutter free and I can stay at home and enjoy my serene living space now.

 Cynthia, THANK YOU for improving my quality of living!  We are now looking to purchase a house and we would not even think of moving in until Cynthia gets us set up :-)

Fayola G. (Clearwater, FL)

I have kept up with everything you did, and it works perfectly for me.  Thank you again!!!!

Theresa A. (Valrico, FL)

I had hired Cynthia a few months after moving into a new home. Anxious about having someone “view” my things, she set me at ease instantly. I gave her some background info. And she did the things that had I the time and energy, would have loved to complete. A high recommendation for moving, starting new life, one less worry!

Brenda O. (Tampa, FL)

After years of my husband begging me to get organized (and also years of trying to do it myself), I finally decided to start looking for help.  I found Cynthia on the internet.  After reading over several websites, I decided to call Cynthia.  I chose her because she is studying interior design and thought she could also help me out in that regard.  When she got to my house, it was as if I had known her for years.  She is very friendly and outgoing and easy to get along with.  She wasn’t in shock over the condition of my kids’ playroom, nor did she pass any judgment.  She went over ideas she had and then went to work.  The playroom turned out fantastic.  And even though with three kids, it can’t remain as perfect as the day she left, how she organized their toys makes it much easier and faster to clean up.  She also organized my home office which my husband was very grateful for.  Every drawer and shelf is organized and now my husband can find everything he looks for.  Cynthia also decorated my formal living/game room.  The bookshelves in this room were filled with junk and mainly the kids’ random things.  Cynthia decorated the bookshelves and organized the room so it no longer looks like a frat house or a daycare.  Thanks Cynthia for finally making my house look like grown-ups live in it!

Fran S. (Brandon, FL)

Cynthia came to me as a Mother’s Day present from my daughters. Let me tell everyone that it was the best present I ever had. Cynthia came in and took charge over straightening my closets, my office and bathroom. Like a little tornado, within hours she took years of accumulated clothes and papers and organized them. It was unbelievable, like a miracle.

As you can see I am very happy with her skill of organizing things and I would highly recommend Cynthia for any size job of organizing. Thank You, Cynthia.

Eva G. (Tampa, FL)

I hired Cynthia to help me organize my playroom for my three young kids. To say the room needed major help was an understatement! Cynthia took on the challenge and has done an amazing job. She came up with a great looking room that is fun for the kids and functional. She is extremely reliable, organized, and easy to work with. She has great vision for a blank slate and was open for feedback and ideas from me. She did a lot of the work herself and even helped with the shopping. She has a “can-do” attitude that made working with her a pleasure! I would absolutely recommend Cynthia to anyone needing some organization in their life!

Debbie T. (Tampa, FL)

I just have to saw WOW and thank you again!

Cheryl M. (Brandon, FL)

My husband LOVED his office! I let him think for almost a week I did it myself (smile), but then came clean.  I said you were so awesome and I’m bringing you back for more! Thanks!

Jennifer W. (Tampa, FL)

“This whole process was a little emotional for me. I was beyond embarrassed of how bad my house had become. I hated having company over, and was even more guilty when a stranger (Cynthia) came over for our initial meeting. Needless to say, she made me feel at ease. She didn’t make any snood remarks, no *gasps* of surprise, nothing judgmental. She was very sweet and understanding. She made me feel like she truly cared… and that’s what I loved most about the process-That, and the fact she worked with me and listened to my every concern. I am so grateful for having worked with her. I would recommend her services to all friends and family.”

Sabrina M. (Wesley Chapel, FL)

“Cynthia came and conquered our pantry! We didn’t know what we had because everything was disorganized. Now, it’s easy to see what we’re out of and what we have…everything makes sense, and it makes our lives a little easier.”

Yelina & Tom. (Tampa, FL)

“I’m a little bit old-school and wasn’t sure what all this new fad about organizing and updating things was all about. However, I talked with Cynthia and she led me in the right and NEW direction. The Kitchen looks great, and we always get compliments on it. It was definitely money well spent and would recommend her to anyone!”

Earl P. (Gainesville, FL)

“When I started my home based business I was so excited. Working from home meant more time to spend with the kids and less stress. I set up my office in a spare room and began my new adventure. My ‘office’ quickly became an unorganized mess with toys and papers strewn all about. I tried to get organized but there was no time. Things got worse and I started to fall behind in my work.

Then, a friend told me about TampaHomeOrganizer.com. Within a few days Cynthia had my office organized and functional. Now, there is a place for all the things I need and storage for much more. I enjoy working in my new space. Cynthia had a lot of good ideas and was fun to work with. Thank you Cynthia!”

Mary M. (Tampa, FL)

“I hired Cynthia because there was no order in my life. I couldn’t find anything, and wasted a lot of time looking for things. I have a home-based business and Cynthia was able to organize me in a way that I never thought I could do on my own. Things that make sense to her, of how to put things and organize things, never crossed my mind. She makes it look so easy. Cynthia is a very hard worker and cares about the individual and their needs. She is not a “clock watcher”- she stays until the job gets done. I would highly recommend her!”

Helene S. (Land O Lakes, FL)

“My bedroom feels like a bedroom now! It looks great, and everything is organized.Cynthia,thank you for your time, your knowledge, your heart, and your welcoming personality, it was a pleasure!”

Christopher P. (Tampa, FL)