My husband and I consult with and work with other organizers from around the globe and this page was created to give a shout out to all those we’ve helped.

Juliana of Orlando Home Organizer has always been a very organized person for as long as she can remember.   Here’s a little about her, ”As a mother of two, I have had to continually reinvent my home space to suit the changing needs of my family. I found it to be something I have fun doing and I have found some very creative and successful techniques along the way. I decided to become a home organizer out of a desire to use my talents to help people who struggle with organization in their lives. I want to understand your organizing challenges and share the many solutions I have found useful so you may become a more productive, efficient, energized and organized version of yourself. I love helping people find simple solutions to make life easier!”

Leslie started her Los Angeles Home Organizer business in early 2011 and has been loving it ever since… “While growing up in Los Angeles I was always considered the “organized one”. My bedroom, closet, toys and yes, even my dresser drawers were always in perfect order. As I grew older, this trait expanded into other areas of my life, creating a more balanced lifestyle. My organizational skills have helped in all aspects of my personal and work life throughout the years. Whenever the opportunity presented itself, I would jump at the chance to help friends get organized. I eventually realized that my true passion was in helping others get their “stuff” in order and helping them to find a system to keep it that way. Then an idea was born, “o 2 be organized.”